We are in 21th century and we all know that time is more important now a day’s… Thus the relations now a days have also been turned to formality relations as we mainly interact with the community members too on social site. The social sites provide only and only formal relations we can’t face in the reality. This kind social sites doesn’t provides the details about the ones home attitude family etc. we can able to know all this by getting in touch face to face and know each other personally and find out the the relations between them contact thus we have developed the platform named Bhavsar Youth Festival. The grandparents of our community which have the oceans of knowledge for community planning can only share the knowledge, tips and tricks if we spend some time with them personally with the community related problems thus they can guide us in the better directions due to their past experiences which would help us to build our community finically educationally occupationally and socially keeping this all in front of vision we have created the Bhavsar Youth Festival. There are much industrialists of our community which have the guts to provide community a better sprit, excitement and better opportunity towards the financial growth for the community peoples to meet and involve in their activity the better platform is Bhavsar Youth Festival. As we know there are vivid business men and highly professional in various fields in our community they can provide us a better attainment and business opportunity to the community members thus to get in touch with them the perfect option is Bhavsar Youth Festival. because o f lack of time we people can’t attend any social activities occurring around us including the marriages funerals religious programs etc thus we have lost our social contacts that effects us for finding a better life partner at the proper age for avoiding this circumstances we have indulged to this event for a better search of life partner and a precious life ahead our motto is not only to provide the better choice to you but to be your partner in the celebrations and the financial support even through the community or the event at last the better platform for this purpose is also Bhavsar Youth Festival.